Intact C101 Hotmelt Adhesive Cleaner (5 Litres)

Powerful, new cold cleaner for cleaning exterior surfaces of machines and spare parts. Penetrates and dissolves hotmelts. Ideal for the regular cleaning of machine surfaces, metal rollers, filters, nozzles and other cold machine parts. Effective on all types of hotmelt. Can also be used as part of the cleaning kit.


It is important to follow certain steps when switching hotmelts as different adhesives types used together can cause unwanted chemical reactions. To prevent any problems the adhesive changes should be carried out very carefully. When changing to a new adhesive e.g. from an EVA to a polyolefin you must first carry out thorough cleaning due to the chemistry of the different adhesives to prevent later problems such as gelling, charring and blocked filters and nozzles. It’s important to avoid charging adhesives regularly. If a change is needed Intact can help you prevent these unnecessary downtime issues by carrying out the cleaning for you using our highly experienced hotmelt engineer.

Download – Technical Data Sheet
Download – Safety Data Sheet
Download – Hotmelt Switching Guide