Intact C102 Hotmelt Tank Flush (5 Litres)

For flushing hotmelt glue tanks Specialist cleaner for flushing through hotmelt glue tanks and heated hoses. Packed in 5ltr can. Recommended for when a change of adhesive type is required or changing adhesive chemistry types, i.e. from EVA to polyolefin or a rubber-based PSA. Packed in 5ltr can.


Cleaner for purging hot melt application machinery i.e. tanks, heated hoses and guns. C102 will quickly breakdown hot melt residues within hoses and tanks which will prevent applicator wheels from binding, erratic pump movements and hose constrictions. It dissolves all hot melt adhesives by reducing the viscosity and loosening decomposed charred material and char build-up within hoses and tanks

Download – Technical Data Sheet
Download – Safety Data Sheet
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