Food packaging adhesives

Hot melt adhesives for
case & cartons, pallet stabilisation and tray erecting

Customers value our self-cleaning hotmelts. They keep machines and nozzles clean and reduce down-time. These hotmelts come with FDA approval for direct and in-direct food contact to ensure your production continues to be 100% food safe.

Test proven formulas

Used by all efficient manufacturers to keep production going®.

Case and carton sealing

Complete solutions for all types of coated and uncoated boards, folding boxes, wrap-around cases, shelf-ready packaging, and trays.

Pallet stabilisation

Complete solutions for pallet and product securing to reduce plastic waste. Efficiently & cost effectively secure, stabilise and protect products in transit.

Bottle labelling

Formulations for the water, soft drinks, breweries and household chemical labelling industries where a low cost, high efficiency and eco-friendly adhesive is required.

Adhesive dispensing

Complete solutions for industrial bonding and sealing. Dispense accurately, consistently and keep production going®.



Cost-effective packaging hotmelt for very high-speed case/carton sealing and tray forming

Low density aids recycling process

Withstands summer & cold winter conditions. High heat resistance 80c


Bio-based multi-purpose packaging hotmelt for high speed case & carton sealing and tray forming

Ideal for companies looking to make the switch to more renewable materials

Self-cleaning formulation eliminates nozzle blockages & keeps tanks clean


Multi-purpose packaging hotmelt for high speed case & carton sealing and tray forming

Very high cohesion with exceptionally fast setting properties

Low consumption with extremely low density- more packages sealed using less adhesive


High adhesion hot melt adhesive for deep freeze and coated boardstock

Bonds OPP, PE, PP laminates and coatings

Self-cleaning formulation eliminates nozzle blockages & keeps tanks clean


Secure bonding of PE, PP & HDPE caps to beverage cartons

High adhesive strength for milk & juice packaging machines

For Slimcap & Streamcap applicators


Increases pallet stability during transportation

Reduces plastic waste & eliminates the need for expensive slip sheets & layer pads

Can be used as a temporary bundling adhesive

Intact have access to over 350 formulations- call us for help.

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Adhesives are often unseen on the product, used in small amounts but do not need to be thought of as an off-the-shelf commodity like staples and paper, but a way to competitive advantage. The adhesive solutions we develop for you are unique to you.