Are you wasting glue and energy?

Easyline - Gluing made simple

EasyLine is Robatech’s small, practical adhesive application system for simple hot melt applications with an adhesive consumption of up to 2.5 kg/h. Whether it’s trays, folding boxes, cardboard cups, ice cream paper cones or similar products – with EasyLine you apply glue in the usual Robatech quality and in a very energy-efficient way.

Minimalism meets sophistication

EasyLine combines functional minimalism with sophisticated design. This creates a new flexibility for installation in machines and an astonishing simplicity for maintenance and operation.

Less is absolutely enough

EasyLine offers all the basic functions you need for applications with one or two application heads: manual pump pressure control, temperature lowering and heating zone management for the adhesive melter, heated hose and application heads. You are well served with the basic functions of EasyLine.

Reliable adhesive application quality

EasyLine means great value for money AND reliable application quality. To ensure that the adhesive is applied correctly, the temperature from the adhesive melter to the application head must be perfect. That’s why we haven’t skimped on the tank coating or the full insulation of the application head and of the hose end connecting to the head. In fact, we’ve even gone one step further and developed new features. That’s why system integration and maintenance are so easy.

Maintenance made easy thanks to a new concept

The Rio heated hose and Twist spray head are connected via a plug-and-play coupling. What’s new? The adhesive filter is no longer integrated in the application head, but in the heated hose. This allows you to change the filter quickly and conveniently on the hose. The application head remains clean and does not need to be removed. There are no time-consuming maintenance routines with EasyLine.

Unique flexibility for installation

We thought machine design could become less complicated. That’s why Rio and Twist offer unparalleled installation flexibility. A head holder that can be mounted on the right and left, application nozzles that can be positioned in different ways and an application head that can be rotated around its own axis and adjusted in various positions in the holder. No more headaches when it comes to machine design.

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