Are you sticking with Bio-based?

Bio-based hotmelts for packaging, labelling and assembly

Case and carton sealing hotmelt

Using Bio-based hotmelts on your production line allows you to differentiate your product lines and promote sustainability to your customers. Ideal for brand owners looking to make the switch to more renewable materials.

What are Bio-based hotmelts?

Intact Bio-based hotmelts contain up to 40% renewable, naturally derived resin content raw materials. These adhesives with rosin based tackifiers provide superior adhesion to difficult to bond surfaces such as recycled board and metallised board. These carefully formulated hot melts are not only economical in use-they offer excellent penetration into the fibres of cartons and other materials creating a total bond with excellent heat resistance.

Easy to switch

Intact Bio-based hotmelts work in multiple adhesive systems at any line speed. We can pre-bond your materials, free of charge,to enable you to evaluate bond performance prior to line tests.

Reliable performance & high adhesion

Specially formulated for reliable processing on high speed packing machines where a bio-based, self cleaning hot melt is preferred. It has excellent adhesion to recycled board.

Try a Bio-based hot melt on your packaging, labelling or assembly line for free

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