Point of Sale Display Adhesives

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Inline case gluing

Fast setting white hotmelt
  • Non-charring.
  • Excellent thermal stability results in less machine downtime.
  • Flexible bond that withstands low temperatures.
  • Recommended application temperature 150ºC-170ºC

Litho lamination

PVA for Lamina machines

Filled, homopolymer adhesive – runs well on Lamina and Tunckers laminators.

Glue jet application

Semi-pressure sensitive hotmelt
  • For bonding coated/uncoated boards on Bickers glue jet.
  • Bonding coated or laminated display stands.
  • Gives long open time to assemble the product, but sets harder than a full
    pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Recommended application temperature: 140ºC – 160ºC.
Permanent high-tack pressure sensitive hotmelt
  • For bonding plastics and difficult boards.
  • High molten tack.
  • General assembly bonds wood, metals, plastics, insulation materials and foams.
  • Recommended application temperature 160ºC-180ºC.

Manual gluing

Fast setting hotmelt glue stick for bonding cardboard
  • For use in handheld guns.
  • Fast setting and high hot tack.
  • Good low and high temperature resistance.
  • Good levels of adhesion to wood, carton board and paper.
High adhesion glue-stick for difficult substrates. Used for general assembly applications.
  • Suitable for deep freeze carton sealing and difficult-to-bond plastics.
  • Transparent.
  • Sticks plastics, metal, wood and other substrates.

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