Horticultural Packaging

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Seed packet sealing

Water-based adhesive for wheel/disc application
  • For sealing paper seed packets using wheel applicators.
  • Copolymer dispersion.
  • Good adhesion to coated and lacquered board and papers.
  • Odourless and non-toxic – doesn’t contain borax.
  • Easy to clean and fast setting.

Sample attachment

Peelable hotmelt
  • For bonding seed tags to packets.
  • Anti-slip hotmelt for palletising of bags/boxes,plastic containers or sample attachment.
  • Removes cleanly without damage to the product itself.
  • Recommended application temperature: 165ºC-185ºC.

Carton sealing

Low melt general purpose carton sealing for extra economy
  • Reduces energy usage and consumption.
  • Low adhesive consumption combined with energy savings compared to
    conventional hotmelts.
  • Clean processing and high adhesion properties for reduced cost in use and lowest
    application cost per carton sealed.
  • Withstands cold conditions.
  • Recommended application temperature 125ºC-145ºC.
Low melt general purpose carton sealing
  • Reduces energy consumption and improves safety due to lower
    application temperature.
  • Excellent stability reduces the need for maintenance, cleaning and blocked nozzles.
  • Recommended application temperature 120ºC-140ºC.
Fast setting glue stick
  • Manual glue gun application.
  • Fast setting.
  • For sealing of cartons/cases and trays.
  • Good low and high temperature resistance.
  • Good levels of adhesion to wood, carton board and paper.

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