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Perfect binding

Spine glue for perfect binding

High adhesion to a wide range of cover materials and paper stocks.
Suitable for slow/med speed lines for hard and soft cover books.
Highly flexible white spine glue for single or 2-shot systems on non-coated /coated papers.
Recommended application temperature 150-170ºC.

Low emissions PUR reactive hot melt
  • Excellent page pull strength, adhesion and lay-flat.
  • Low application temperature of 100-140ºC.
  • Outstanding page pull strength development.
  • Allows for in-line trimming.
  • Ultimate performance in page pull and flex tests.
  • Can be applied through open pot systems or slot coaters.
  • Excellent adhesion, lay-flat properties and extreme temperature resistance.
  • Use for cased in book blocks, soft and hard back books.
  • Low emissions – doesn’t require hazardous labeling and safer for operators.

End-papers & casing-in

Jelly glue-to be diluted with water
  • Bonds difficult paper stock. Suitable for box covering, laminating and book covering.
  • For use in Sumbel or similar roll coaters.
  • High hot tack. Fast bond.
Co-polymer adhesive
  • Suitable for a wide range of bookbinding applications with high adhesion to a wide
    range of papers and films.
  • Water-based.
  • Roller applied or wheel applied.

Side/hinge glue

Permanent, high-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive for tip-ins, cover mounting DVDs, samples, etc.
  • High molten tack.
  • High adhesion properties.
  • Recommended application temperature 150-170ºC.
Low-tack, pressure-sensitive, peelable glue for tip-ins/cover mounting.
  • For temporary bonding and clean removal.
  • Bonds securely but peels cleanly apart when required.
  • Ideal for samples, cover mounting and promotional campaigns where a removable
    bond is required.
  • Low tack – does not damage base material.
  • Strong hot tack ensures products remain in place.
  • Recommended application temperature 150-170ºC.

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