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Low application temperature edgebanding adhesive
  • Slow speed and for running at low temperatures.
  • Ivory colour.
  • Very good melting properties.
  • Very long open time and tackiness.
  • Heat resistance, depending on the type of edge, approx. 90°C.
  • Very good resistance to cold (approx to -30˚C).
  • Application temperature: 130°C – 160°C
Standard grade edgebanding adhesive
  • Bonds PVC, paper, veneer and melamine edges.
  • Universal use.
  • Long open time and high tack.
  • Good heat resistance (approx 70˚C).
  • Good resistance to cold (approx to -15˚C).
  • Application temperature: 200˚C – 210˚C.

Wood bonding

D2 PVA wood glue
  • Fast setting.
  • High bond strength.
D3 PVA wood glue
  • Very fast-setting – for general assembly bonding.
  • D3 water resistant – ensures bond security in adverse conditions.
  • Impact and creep resistant – ideal for chair frames or where sustained load is required.
  • Dries clear.
  • Can be used for cold and hot pressing.

Foam Bonding

Intact SV700
Heavy duty aerosol adhesive
  • Excellent grab/tack.
  • Fast setting.
  • Fast, convenient and economical.
  • Ideal for carpet fitting, foam bonding, fabrics, metals, wood and plastics.
  • Controlled, targeted application.
  • Low soak-in on porous surfaces.
Intact SV705
Heavy duty nonchlorinated canister adhesive
  • Tough, aggressive bond.
  • High heat resistance (up to 95ºC).
  • Waterproof.
  • Fine, even spray.
  • Non-staining.
  • High green strength.
  • Fast tack.

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