Mattresses and Foam Bonding

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Pocket Springs

Hotmelt adhesive
  • Flexible – prevents cracking noise in the mattress.
  • Tough flexible bond, will not crack when uncoiling pocket springs in
    cold ambient temperatures.
  • Fast setting and good adhesion properties to non-woven/spun-bound pocket springs.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Recommended application temperature: 150ºC-170ºC.

Foam bonding & foam encased pocket sprung mattresses

Pressure sensitive hotmelt
  • High molten tack.
  • Manual handgun application.
  • Excellent spray properties.
  • High cold tack and good peel adhesion properties.
  • General assembly bonds wood, metals, plastics and foams.
  • Recommended application temperature: 160ºC-180ºC.
Semi-pressure sensitive hotmelt
  • For foam-encased mattresses and foam layer bonding.
  • Suitable for manual or automatic application.
  • High molten tack for bonding PU foam,non woven and textiles.
  • Excellent spray properties.
  • Delayed tack – ideal for where bond isn’t immediate. Suitable for manual and
    automatic systems.
  • Flexible bond after lamination.
  • Recommended application temperature: 150ºC-170ºC.
Heavy duty aerosol adhesive for foam bonding
  • Excellent grab/tack and fast setting.
  • Fast, convenient and economical.
  • Ideal for textiles, foam bonding, fabrics, metals, wood and plastics.
  • Controlled, targeted application.
  • Low soak-in on porous surfaces.
Heavy duty spray adhesive in a canister for foam bonding.
  • No methylene chloride.
  • Tough aggressive bond which doesn’t stain.
  • High heat resistance (up to 95ºC).
  • Fast tack, high green strength.
  • Available in 13kg or 65kg bulk canisters.

Wood bonding

General purpose wood adhesive
  • Divan base and general wood bonding.
  • D2 properties.
  • Fast setting high bond strength.
Weatherproof wood adhesive
  • Divan base wood bonding with creep resistance.
  • Dries clear and very fast-setting – dries stronger than the wood itself.
  • D3 water resistant – ensures bond security in adverse conditions.
  • Impact and creep resistant – ideal for chair/bed frames or where sustained load is required.
  • Can be used for cold and hot pressing.

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