Insulation adhesives

These adhesives are formulated to bond any type of insulation material from PIR foams, aluminium, glass, wood, plastics, metals and fibre glass.

These insulation adhesives offer excellent bonding properties and low-density formulations with clean processing. Flame retardant adhesives are also available. These safe, non-toxic adhesives and coatings ensure that you have the latest, safest gluing systems to improve any production process.

Listed below are some of our recommended insulation adhesives. Speak to a specialist on 01953 882899 or click here to get in touch.

Plasterboard lamination

Hot melt, permanent tack PSA
  • General assembly applications with excellent adhesive properties to various substrates
    such as plastics, metal, textiles and foams.
  • Recommended application temperature 160ºC-180ºC.
Lamination hot melt for bonding PIR foam to plasterboard
  • High molten tack with excellent spray properties with a flexible bond after lamination.
  • Delayed tack-gives up to 2min open time, but instant bond strength.
  • Recommend application temperature 150ºC-170ºC.
Moisture curing polyurethane adhesive for sandwich panel manufacturing.
  • One component, non-solvent, fast setting & provides a water and heat resistant bond.
  • Bonds expanded polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, cork, rock wool, steel,
    aluminium, plastic, cement bound sheet material, plasterboard and wood.
  • Ideal for insulated building boards, cold store, caravan and mobile home manufacturing.
  • Can be applied by nozzle or roller.
Water based, lamination adhesive
  • High solids content-economical in use.
  • Non-corrosive on metals.
  • Fast bonding properties with excellent adhesion to mineral insulation materials.

Gasket bonding

High heat resistant pressure sensitive hot melt
  • High performance hot melt with high level of tack and peel adhesion.
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance.
  • Recommended application temperature 160ºC-180ºC.
  • SAFT heat resistant 85ºC.

Structural adhesives

Structural two-part adhesive
  • High bond strength on composites, plastics and metals.
  • 10-12 minute fixture time. High mechanical and impact resistance.

Plastic film bonding

Pressure sensitive water based
  • For bonding of porous to non-porous substrates.
  • Can be used to bond aluminium foil to EPS foam for the manufacturer of underfloor
    heating panels.

Packing & transit

Multi-purpose low melt
  • High cohesion, low application temperature and non-stringing.
  • Bonds PET, HDPE, plastic films, polythene metal and polystyrene without heat damage.
  • Recommended application temperature 130ºC-160ºC.
Low tack peelable pressure sensitive for temporary bonding and clean removal without substrate damage
  • Peels cleanly apart when required avoiding damage to base product.
  • Ideal for use as a panel spacer adhesive, to protect goods in transit and where a
    removable bond is required.
  • Excellent anti-slip properties. Can be used on plastics, metals and various films.
  • Recommend application temperature 150ºC-175ºC.
Sprayable solvent adhesive
  • Non-chlorinated solvent adhesive for fast bonding of various substrates such as
    wood, foams, metals and some plastics.
  • Fine, even spray with good heat resistance, ideal for manual and low volume application.

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