Manufacturing and Product Assembly

We help manufacturing clients in many industries bond all sorts of different materials including plastics, rubber, foam, wood, metals and more with user-friendly glues that don’t harm the environment.

With a range of open times, curing speeds, grab or tack and temperature profiles our glues form an important part of your production line helping you save money and solve problems.

Appliances and White Goods Adhesives

Hot melts can be used in appliance manufacturing for various bonding and sealing operations replacing the need for mechanical fasteners and tapes.

Our adhesives for appliances and white goods can be used for bonding panels, gaskets and components during assembly or cabinet sealing to prevent foam leakage, prior to injection of insulation foam.

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Flight Case Adhesives

Our adhesives are used in flight case, road trunk and presentation case manufacturing for bonding polyurethane foam and polystyrene inserts to birch plywood, laminates and polyurea coated boards.

These glues are able to withstand high or low temperatures whilst protecting goods in transit and rough handling.

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Insulation Adhesives

Any insulation material can be bonded with our user-friendly insulation adhesives and water-based glues to help you add value, innovate and reduce costs.

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Mattress and Foam Bonding Adhesives

Innovative hotmelts and water based adhesives to help you reduce production costs.

Our adhesives are formulated to prevent cracking noise and have excellent bonding properties to non-woven, PU foam and textiles. We have a range of open times to suit automated or manual processes with fast melting properties. Suitable for pocket coil assembly, upholstery layer and pillow top attachment.

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Woodworking Adhesives

Woodworking adhesives are ideal for applications such as edgebanding, profile wrapping, panel lamination, door, window and staircase production.

Regardless of processing speeds, heat resistant requirements or varied substrates we have solutions to enhance productivity and profitability.

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We specialise in helping you choose adhesive solutions that:

Maximise productivity Improve processes Reduce costs

Contact our team of friendly, genuine and knowledgable specialists to ask any questions on 01953 882899 or click here

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Production Managers say...

An awful lot of suppliers can be very pushy and price and delivery times are really important. Martin was willing to visit, took samples for testing and was very thorough. I would say again, nothing was pushy which, I really do appreciate.

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