Chilled and Frozen Food Packaging Adhesives

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Multi-point gluing

Co-polymer adhesive for multi-point jetting/nozzle application
  • Wheel grade for side seams and straight line gluing.
  • Copolymer dispersion. Odourless and easy to clean.
  • Good adhesion to coated and lacquered board.
  • Can also be used for end-papering, casing-in, padding and hand application.

Straight line gluing

Co-polymer adhesive
  • High speed jetting grade.
  • Copolymer dispersion. Odourless and easy to clean.
  • Good adhesion to normal and coated board.
  • Correct viscosity for jetting, non-contact nozzle, HHS glue system approved.

Window patching

Pressure sensitive water based adhesive
  • Recommended for gluing different types of film such as windows to envelopes.
  • Suitable for segment application.
  • Non-splashing and resistant to cold temperatures.
  • Clean running – minimises downtime.
  • Good stability in the trays – reduced splashing, foaming and thickening.
  • Excellent adhesive to a huge variety of film and papers.

Hotmelt gluing

Fast setting multipurpose hotmelt
  • Multi-purpose hotmelt for high speed carton and sleeve gluing.
  • Reduces consumption and charring. Very fast setting.
  • Recommended application temperature 150-180°C.
  • Excellent processing properties with outstanding thermal stability – no changes in
    adhesive or processing properties, even when left in glue tanks for long periods.
  • Suitable for indirect food contact. -40ºC to +70ºC temperature range.
  • Odour, smoke and taint free.
High adhesion for coated,varnished and difficult surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion where other hotmelts fail.
  • Bonds OPP, PE, PP, Metpol, laminates and coatings.
  • Ideal for deep freeze applications.
  • Recommended application temperature 150-180ºC.
Sandwich pack gluing
  • Bonds PE,PP & Polyester coatings.
  • Displays excellent adhesion in chill and wet environments.
  • Good thermal stability.
  • Excellent impact resistance at low temperatures.
  • Excellent film flexibility.
  • Tough durable bond line.
  • Recommended application temperature 180ºC to 190ºC.

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