Food and drink packaging

You need a food safe, high-performance adhesive at a great price that conforms to strict food safety regulations.

Customers value our self-cleaning hotmelts. They keep machines and nozzles clean and reduce down-time. These hotmelts also come with FDA approval for direct and in-direct food contact to ensure your production continues to be 100% food safe.

Cereals Packaging Adhesives

Food-certified hot melts for fast, secure closing of cereal cartons, cereal bar products and wrap-around cases.

Innovations include low density, cool application hot melts that reduce costs and provide tamper-proof and sift-proof seals. Plus, temporary bond adhesives for applications where low-bond strength and easy open seals allow for easy opening with no fibre tear. Formulated for high efficiency, high-quality, sustainable application in the cereal and milling sectors.

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Chilled and Frozen Food Packaging Adhesives

Intact have a wide range of chilled and frozen food packaging adhesives which are food certified and perform with a wide range of standard and coated boards.

They can be used for high speed applications for temperature sensitive products such as ice cream, dairy, ready meals and convenience foods. Withstanding distribution and blast freezing requirements.

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We specialise in helping you choose adhesive solutions that:

Maximise productivity Improve processes Reduce costs

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