Adhesive Cleaners

A clean machine is an efficient machine

Two cleaners that easily remove hotmelt and cold glues from production equipment.

We understand how important it is to keep your production equipment clean.

Our adhesive removers have been specially developed to remove the two types of adhesive – hotmelt (with Purge-it™ C101) and cold glue adhesives (with Purge-it™ C102).

We can provide experienced advice to ensure you choose the right adhesive cleaners for your application.

Surface hot melt adhesive remover

Purge-it™ C100 Purge-it™ C100

Purge-it C100
Removes residual, charred hot melt and cold adhesive and heavy grease and grime.

Cleaning guns, nozzles, machine parts and surfaces. Use cold for nozzle cleaning and machine surfaces.

Key benefits
Easy to use. Non-flammable. Better for the environment.

Supplied in 5 litre tins.

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Tank and hose cleaner

Purge-it™ C102 Purge-it™ C102

Purge-it™ C102
Removes gelled adhesive and softens charring, for easy removal from the tank walls.

Use in tank, adhesive changeovers and routine melter cleaning. Heat in tank at 180ºC for 3 hours, minimum. Remove guns/nozzles before purging.

Key benefits
Non-toxic,effective cleaner, can also be used with small tank cleaners with modules, nozzles.

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