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We launched Nordson Durablue tank melter systems and Invisipac tankless systems to help customers with adhesive dispensing needs – improving performance while reducing downtime, maintenance and cost in use.

We offer manual or fully automated glue systems to maximise uptime and productivity for many types of bonding or sealing operations. We offer an unbiased approach with machine specification or when you need to upgrade dispensing equipment.

Nordson DuraBlue®

Nordson DuraBlue Nordson DuraBlue
Swirl gun Swirl gun

Melter systems provide everything needed to begin adhesive application immediately: Melter, hose, gun and nozzle.
A choice of guns meets virtually any manual or semi-automatic manufacturing requirement. A selection of hose lengths provides additional adaptability to meet specific production needs.

The DuraBlue® melters feature fixed-speed AC motors with gerotor gear pumps and are low maintenance,easy to install, operate and maintain. A non-stick coated, tube tank eliminates dead corners and minimizes adhesive char. Pump operation can be controlled by a handgun trigger or a foot switch.

Available with the following handheld gun types

Bead gun
Recommended for high output precise dispensing of bulk hotmelts in beads,lines or dots.

Swirl gun
Recommended for high-output swirl spraying of bulk hotmelts (eg pressure sensitives in mattress or foam assembly, where a wide and quick coverage of glue is needed).

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Graco Invisipac

Graco Invisipac Graco Invisipac
Applicator Applicator
Hotmelt application Hotmelt application
Graco pattern control system Graco pattern control system

Tank-free hotmelt adhesive dispensing systems.
Keep your packaging line up and running with InvisiPac from Intact™ Adhesives and say goodbye to char-filled hoses, tank cleaning and time waiting for your hot melt tank to heat up. With InvisiPac, you’re up to operating temperature and running production in less than 10 minutes.

  • No smell or fumes from open tanks.
  • No spilt pellets or overfilling by operators.
  • No starvation of glue – system is kept constantly topped up.
  • Adhesive tracking enables accurate monitoring of glue consumption.
  • Less operator intervention – vacuum feed system and tankless design allow operators to focus on production, not filling tanks.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing guns

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Graco Therm-O-Flow

Graco Therm-O-Flow Graco Therm-O-Flow
Gun Gun
Therm-O-Flow in action Therm-O-Flow in action

The Therm-O-Flow 20 or 200 is an industrial bulk hot melt system that outperforms the competition with great production throughput, better process monitoring and reliable, efficient operation, dispensing hot melt sealants and adhesives from 20ltr or 200ltr drums.

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Applicator Parts

We stock a large selection of spare and replacement parts for all our applicators.

Spares & Replacements

Automatic glue guns Automatic glue guns
Filter screens Filter screens
G1 Glue stick guns G1 Glue stick guns
Guns Guns
Replacement heated hoses Replacement heated hoses
Replacement nozzles Replacement nozzles
Modules Modules

Customers using our adhesives receive replacement parts at specially discounted prices. Call us for a competitive quote on:

Automatic glue guns
Filter screens
Glue stick guns
Replacement heated hoses
Replacement nozzles


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