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Optimise® hotmelts

Optimise carton sealing Optimise carton sealing
Reduced consumption Reduced consumption

Make instant savings and achieve better bonds on any case, carton or tray erector

Replace inferior hotmelt adhesive technology with fast, clean, cost-saving hotmelts from Intact Optimise.

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Intact® hotmelts

Intact hotmelt Intact hotmelt
Huge range Huge range

Process your products faster, make them better, easier and stronger, and reduce costs

Replace messy, expensive, slower curing adhesives, tapes, mechanical fixings or harmful solvent adhesive systems with the latest hotmelt technology from Intact H™ series.

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Intact® PUR hotmelts

PUR hotmelt PUR hotmelt
Extra durability Extra durability

Single and two-component polyurethanes. Add durability and strength to your products.

Add extra performance with fast, strong, permanent and chemical-resistant reactive polyurethane adhesives from Intact P™ series.

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Intact® Water-based

Water-based labelling Water-based labelling
Exclusive formulations Exclusive formulations

Produce faster and more economical paper and packaging products

Replace older water-based glues with cleaner, higher solids water-based adhesive solutions from Intact W™ series.

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Intact® Gelatin & Jelly Glue

Gelatin & Jelly Glue Gelatin & Jelly Glue
For presentation boxes & file manufacturing For presentation boxes & file manufacturing

100% natural adhesives with excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces

Designed for casemaking, ring binder production and bookbinding on high speed equipment. High speed, clean running and economical products.

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Intact® Structural & two-component adhesives

Two-component adhesive Two-component adhesive
Unique formulations Unique formulations

Improve your products’ strength and resilience without compromising performance.

Replace slow fastening methods, such as riveting, screwing or taping, with high-strength, performance adhesive technologies from Intact ST™ series.

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Intact® MS Polymer

Adhesive & applicator Adhesive & applicator
Primerless adhesives & sealants Primerless adhesives & sealants

Produce tough, lasting, durable seals and bonds on your products…

Intact MS-Polymer adhesives are easy to use, versatile and operator friendly. They can be used on composites, metal, glass and plastic materials, Intact S™ series adhesives are used in transportation, construction and industrial applications.

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Intact® Cyanoacrylates

Cyanoacrylates Cyanoacrylates
Cyanoacrylate applicators Cyanoacrylate applicators

Make huge savings on instant bonding adhesives

Replace slow-curing, messy glues with instant bonding adhesives from Intact C™ series.

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