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Hotmelt adhesives

Optimise and Intact hotmelts and lowmelts are solvent free, high performance, well proven adhesives for use on all types of packaging, labelling, laminating, bookbinding and assembly lines.

Easy to use and apply they can be used to replace solvent and water based adhesives or mechanical fasteners to create tough, cost effective bonds, whilst
improving productivity.

Optimise hotmelts

Optimise hotmelts are clean, easy to use and cost effective in use. Unique polymer technology keeps glue pots clean, reduces consumption and gives a
stronger bond.

Pressure sensitive adhesives

Intact PSA hotmelts allow bonds to be made any time during the manufacturing process. Unique tack-free coated pillows are easy to handle, and allow the hotmelt tank to be re-filled without de-stabilising the glue tank temperature.

download Optimise flyer

Download Optimise flyer

hotmelt adhesives
Optimise self-cleaning hotmelts
Reduce line maintenance and produce more packs per kilo of adhesive used.
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Hotmelt tank and gun cleaning service
We offer on-site servicing and cleaning for all hotmelt systems.
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