Manufacturer of hotmelt and water based adhesives

Intact™ provide experienced advice, the right adhesives, the correct applicator, combined for the best results.

Hotmelt adhesives manufacturer

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Adhesives are a small part of your operation but vital to productivity. Our adhesive experts will ensure you always have the right products to keep your operation running effectively.

Hotmelt adhesives manufacturer

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We custom formulate hotmelts, water based, polyurethane and reactive adhesives for the food, packaging and product assembly industries.

Optimise self-cleaning hotmelts
Reduce line maintenance and produce more packs per kilo of adhesive used.
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Hotmelt tank and gun cleaning service
We offer on-site servicing and cleaning for all hotmelt systems.
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Invisipac tank-free hot melt delivery system
Better line efficiency and less downtime.
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